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How the Media Has Contributed to the Various Ways That the Youth Are Using to Change Their Body Image These Days?


A negative effect of media on a teenage body image is already notorious. Decades ago, people were already exposed to refined and supernaturally beautiful images. They saw them on billboards, in magazines, and on TV. Today beauty images invaded social media, and teenagers are staring at “perfect” people for hours. For the last 20 years, eating disorders skyrocketed among young people. Everyone wants to be perfect, especially today when everything private shall better become public.
TV shows and beauty pageants set the standards of beauty that are rather unattainable for an average American. After obesity became the epidemics, it got harder to be slim. Overweight teenagers have little options to make themselves beautiful. They either stop eating or purge trying to get rid of calories. Consequently, teenage years are wasted in search of a perfect body, experienced therapist, and effective treatment of major depression.
A new concept of sexuality has evolved rapidly over the last decades. The fewer clothes the model has on, the more beautiful she is considered. Sexual manifestations make an eye-catching advertising campaign, but manifesting one’s sexuality in the real life sometimes looks shocking. Teens (and their parents) have forgotten about other ways of showing their sexuality than walking half-naked. A cult of a perfect body has overthrown any other appeals we show through mimics, voice, body language, etc. People suddenly forgot that they can remain beautiful without looking flawless.
Young people love to be liked, and there is nothing wrong with it. But an extensive promotion of perfect bodies makes it impossible for many to ignore their little flaws. Changing one’s body is a complex and long process. It remains for us only to help teens look out for more than retouched pictures on the web.

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How Does Nightlife Affect the Lives of the Teenagers in the Society?


We cannot imagine a teenage person who does not go clubbing at least once in a while. All attributes of a nightclub – loud music, dancing, drinking, socializing – are especially urgent for young people. Older adults often prefer a movie-night or stay-at-home party to a bombastic night at the local club.
Interestingly, a night out gives teenagers more than a hangover. Meeting old and new friends in an informal atmosphere, kids get an energy boost for all the next week. They get extra topics for conversation at school and anticipate their next clubbing session. High school and college is the time when nightlife is a solid part of non-digital socialization.
If parents put aside threats of alcohol drug addiction, and unsafe sex, they would discover something new about the clubbing culture. To go to a nightclub with mates means to fulfill the role of a team player in the teenage society. To show up at the bar counter implies chatting with old buddies and getting acquainted with someone new and handsome. A club is a social destination, and nothing is more valuable to a teenager than being a rightful part of their society.
As another weekend full of cheer is over, teens go to schools to attend to their daily routine. But you can see that they are not apathetic kids indifferent to boring classes. They exchange looks full of meanings and chat about their latest adventures. School is a big society but all the fun happens outside it. That is why having a nightlife is so important for elder students.

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How Do the Media Personalities Influence the Behavior of Children in the Society?


Celebrities strongly influence children and adults who watch TV shows and read posts online. Very often, we cannot tell ourselves why the person in the magazine has so much impact on us. Celebrity role models convey the message that we easily get. Slim people are the most attractive or huge ego can help you get to the top, they say smiling from retouched classy pictures. Positive or negative, celebrity role models are a part of our society, and we cannot switch them off. Instead, we can revise our attitude to front-page personalities and teach children to perceive them adequately.
As a tool for advertising, famous people often express thoughts they do not share or try unrealistic roles on. Watching a movie star introducing a new hair beauty line, we believe for a second that she used those products herself and found them worthy and effective. To let our children have an unbiased look at celebrities in marketing, we have to explain to them what advertising is and why famous people look so beautiful all the time. Perhaps, it would be useful for us all, youngsters and adults, to draw the line between marketing and lifestyle. Many celebrities post their daily routine photos on social media so that we can find out that famous people are not very different from ourselves in the real life.
Today we talk a lot about the negative impact of new media and everything it contains but the actual problem is that we have not yet learned to consume this media content. Marketing campaigns involving celebrities are advanced, and art directors make sure that the customer response is immense. It is their job. And our job as parents is to help children differentiate between real-life and staged pictures in their favorite shows.

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How Can Limiting Internet Access to Young People Influence Their Lives?


Most parents agree that it is essential to limit screen time for their children so that they do not neglect their offline communication, education, and family duties. Uncontrollable use of social media may bring emotional devastation, aggressive behavior, and inability to cope with routine tasks. Supervising child’s use of the internet will improve their time management, content choices, and make children more organized in general. Kids shall understand that internet is a tool for education and relaxation but not for wasting time.
Often children are very reactive to parents limiting their online interactions. Bans and limits can end up in a rebellion. In any case, children will consider their natural rights for online interaction neglected, and the situation will make no good for parents. To escape side effects of screen time limits, parents need to carefully introduce children to online resources.
The best way to limit internet access for a child is to stress on your parental expectations. Do not let your child hope that they can play games and surf social networks all days through. Set some prior tasks for the child to complete and express how much time you wish the child would spend online. Do not let the child prioritize their devices but help them to get interested in off-screen activities like clubs or meetings. The child will certainly overuse their online presence if they are bored off the screen.
The problem of many parents is that they start limiting screen time for their kids too late. When children already got used to spending days or nights on the web, you cannot change their habits without facing consequences for the flawed parenting. That is why parents shall always think about how much of anything they allow kids and what consequences it may have.

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What Is the Role That Is Played by the Social Media on the Lives of Children?


There are controversial reports on how social media affect children. Some researchers say that children can give up their empathy and moral values due to arrogance, hostility, and anger that prevail on peer-to-peer websites. They make a place for bullying, separation, and ill self-image causing emotional disorders at the early age.
Not all observers, however, are so gloomy. We shall remember that Facebook and similar websites are inherent to the 21st-century social life. They connect children with popular culture and supply the information they should know. Online media help teenagers develop critical thinking, social and political awareness, cultural belonging, and social connection. That is why we cannot forbid children to surf the web and use Facebook.
The result of media influence depends on which communities children engage into, what programs they watch on TV, and how long they play video games. It would be good for parents to share their social media experiences. Children eagerly copy their parents in many respects, and adults can easily the content children are exposed to. It is also necessary to limit the screen time and keep the balance between social media communication, watching TV shows, and routine activities such as education and extracurriculars.
Today social media is a must for children. It has become a usual way of communicating and sharing insights between peers. Perhaps, not all parents can accept that there is nothing wrong with children communication in other ways than they did at their age. But the earlier they understand benefits of social media, the earlier they can help children develop strong points using digital tools.

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Family relationships essay sample



Relationships between the members of the family are always complicated. It is simply the way it is with everybody. There are lots of points of view to consider as well as lots of aspects to take into account. What is more, there is also extended family.

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Another point to consider is family values. Why do we value our family so much? Probably, we do that because we know that these people are always going to be there for us no matter what. That is the aspect to keep in mind the next time you are fighting over something. Perhaps, it is not worth it. If you want to find out more about family relationships as well as familiarize yourself with other people’s stories, do not hesitate to go to …

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Ideas for term papers


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