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Examples of eco friendly technology


Firstly, you are supposed to figure out what the notion eco friendly technology means and then proceed to providing some examples of eco friendly technology.

So, a gadget is considered to be eco friendly when it does no or little harm to the environment. Obviously, it seems impossible to invent a thing which will have no impact on our atmosphere. That is why, if we can’t eradicate this issue, we should at least try to reduce the amount of harmful gases that are emitted in the atmosphere every year. You have probably heard that a lot of car companies manufacture green models of their cars so that to contribute to the global process of saving the planet. What is more, such idea is really beneficial as now people have an alternative. They can choose whether to drive a regular or an eco friendly car. In addition to that, lots of various gadgets have already been invented to that to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or lessen the impact of greenhouse effect. Besides, more and more people start recycling which is a great sign. It means that people really care about their planet and want to make it a perfect place to live.

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