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How Can Limiting Internet Access to Young People Influence Their Lives?


Most parents agree that it is essential to limit screen time for their children so that they do not neglect their offline communication, education, and family duties. Uncontrollable use of social media may bring emotional devastation, aggressive behavior, and inability to cope with routine tasks. Supervising child’s use of the internet will improve their time management, content choices, and make children more organized in general. Kids shall understand that internet is a tool for education and relaxation but not for wasting time.
Often children are very reactive to parents limiting their online interactions. Bans and limits can end up in a rebellion. In any case, children will consider their natural rights for online interaction neglected, and the situation will make no good for parents. To escape side effects of screen time limits, parents need to carefully introduce children to online resources.
The best way to limit internet access for a child is to stress on your parental expectations. Do not let your child hope that they can play games and surf social networks all days through. Set some prior tasks for the child to complete and express how much time you wish the child would spend online. Do not let the child prioritize their devices but help them to get interested in off-screen activities like clubs or meetings. The child will certainly overuse their online presence if they are bored off the screen.
The problem of many parents is that they start limiting screen time for their kids too late. When children already got used to spending days or nights on the web, you cannot change their habits without facing consequences for the flawed parenting. That is why parents shall always think about how much of anything they allow kids and what consequences it may have.


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