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How Do the Media Personalities Influence the Behavior of Children in the Society?


Celebrities strongly influence children and adults who watch TV shows and read posts online. Very often, we cannot tell ourselves why the person in the magazine has so much impact on us. Celebrity role models convey the message that we easily get. Slim people are the most attractive or huge ego can help you get to the top, they say smiling from retouched classy pictures. Positive or negative, celebrity role models are a part of our society, and we cannot switch them off. Instead, we can revise our attitude to front-page personalities and teach children to perceive them adequately.
As a tool for advertising, famous people often express thoughts they do not share or try unrealistic roles on. Watching a movie star introducing a new hair beauty line, we believe for a second that she used those products herself and found them worthy and effective. To let our children have an unbiased look at celebrities in marketing, we have to explain to them what advertising is and why famous people look so beautiful all the time. Perhaps, it would be useful for us all, youngsters and adults, to draw the line between marketing and lifestyle. Many celebrities post their daily routine photos on social media so that we can find out that famous people are not very different from ourselves in the real life.
Today we talk a lot about the negative impact of new media and everything it contains but the actual problem is that we have not yet learned to consume this media content. Marketing campaigns involving celebrities are advanced, and art directors make sure that the customer response is immense. It is their job. And our job as parents is to help children differentiate between real-life and staged pictures in their favorite shows.


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