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What Is the Role That Is Played by the Social Media on the Lives of Children?


There are controversial reports on how social media affect children. Some researchers say that children can give up their empathy and moral values due to arrogance, hostility, and anger that prevail on peer-to-peer websites. They make a place for bullying, separation, and ill self-image causing emotional disorders at the early age.
Not all observers, however, are so gloomy. We shall remember that Facebook and similar websites are inherent to the 21st-century social life. They connect children with popular culture and supply the information they should know. Online media help teenagers develop critical thinking, social and political awareness, cultural belonging, and social connection. That is why we cannot forbid children to surf the web and use Facebook.
The result of media influence depends on which communities children engage into, what programs they watch on TV, and how long they play video games. It would be good for parents to share their social media experiences. Children eagerly copy their parents in many respects, and adults can easily the content children are exposed to. It is also necessary to limit the screen time and keep the balance between social media communication, watching TV shows, and routine activities such as education and extracurriculars.
Today social media is a must for children. It has become a usual way of communicating and sharing insights between peers. Perhaps, not all parents can accept that there is nothing wrong with children communication in other ways than they did at their age. But the earlier they understand benefits of social media, the earlier they can help children develop strong points using digital tools.